Tips for Buyers

Buying a home is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally. The first step to choosing the right home is to get prepared. Here are some tips that will help you ensure the home buying process goes as smoothly as possible so you can become a happy homeowner.

Get Help

I will be your guide in the home buying process. It’s important to choose an experienced agent who can help you find the right home and ensure the transaction goes smoothly. The right agent will be someone who is not only knowledgeable about the area you plan on buying in, but also makes you feel confident that they are working for your best interests every step of the way. You need to trust your agent and make sure you like working with them on a personal level, and I can be that agent!

Get Pre-Approved

Finding your dream home, only to discover that it is out of your price range, can be incredibly disappointing. Save yourself the frustration by finding out how much home you can afford before you start your search. The first step is to talk to a lender about your financing options. If you’re happy with your choice of lender and the loan program they offer, get your finance approval paperwork processed as soon as possible. When you are pre-approved, it is easy to act quickly when you find the perfect home. Click here for financing information.

Avoid Major Purchases

Your debt to income ratio is an important factor in determining how much home you can afford. To calculate this ratio, your lender will look at your pre-tax income and deduct expenses like monthly housing costs, car payments, credit card payments, student loans, and other installment debts. The more debt you have, the smaller the size of the loan that the lender will finance. Therefore, you should avoid taking on any new debt when you are hoping to purchase a home.

Sign Up For New Properties

Signing up for new property notifications helps you understand the local real estate market by keeping you up to date on what is available and how much it is selling for. To get started, browse the active listings from our website. After you find some properties that meet your criteria, save your search and sign up for notifications. You’ll get email alerts when new properties matching your criteria go on the market. This will help you stay on top of new inventory so you don’t miss out on great new listings.

Get a Home Inspection

In order to understand the real condition of a property and avoid purchasing a “money pit” full of defects, you need to get a home inspection from a licensed professional. The home inspector will note any problems in their report, so you can be aware of what you’re getting into and make an informed decision. Depending on what kinds of problems are discovered, you may be able to negotiate a better price.